WP1 MGT: Management and Dissemination

WP1 MGT: Management and Dissemination

Contact persons: Martin Sandhop, Kaja Scheliga

WP Co-lead: NRC KI
Contact person: Lev Levin

Further Participants: BINP, IAP, ICISTE, FAIR, FZJ, UNIMIB



  • Manage and coordinate the overall project to ensure the objectives are delivered on time
  • Organise regular meetings and annual workshops to ensure progress and results are communicated within the consortium and to the communities in Russia and in Europe
  • Interact with and follow-up on all other work packages while managing changes and risks
  • Develop Data Management Plan; financial controlling and reporting
  • Develop and evolve the Dissemination and Communication Plan. Set up and maintain the project website including a project logo, serving the project needs as well as the dissemination and communication activities to different target groups

Description of work
Task 1.1: Initiate the project bodies (DESY, NRC KI, BINP, IAP, ICISTE, FAIR, FZJ, UNIMIB)
Task 1.2: Project management and coordination (DESY, NRC KI)
Task 1.3: Administration (DESY, NRC KI)
Task 1.4: Project website, dissemination and communication about CREMLINplus and its results (DESY, NRC KI)