WP4 USSR: Collaboration with USSR

WP4 USSR: Collaboration with USSR

WP Manger(s):
Harald Reichert (ESRF)

Former WP Co-Leaders:
Timur Kulevoy (NRC KI) / (Roman Senin, NRC KI)

Participants: NRC KI, ESRF, DESY, European XFEL, INFN


The Russian Federation plans to extend its capabilities for synchrotron radiation experiments. These plans include the construction of a specialized fourth-generation synchrotron radiation source in Protvino, Moscow Region, as well as a new synchrotron radiation source in Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk. The Protvino source “Ultimate Source for Synchrotron Radiation” (USSR, formerly known as “SSRS-4”) has been chosen as a Russian national flagship project that will be open also for international, especially European utilization. The core of USSR is a 1.3 km diffraction limited storage ring with an electron energy of 6 GeV.
The scientific case for the USSR facility shall be further refined, and the intended user community will be developed further. This includes:

  • Definition of an initial set of about 10 beamlines covering the main techniques in X-ray imaging, diffraction/scattering, and spectroscopy
  • Development of USSR in three main areas: infrastructure, accelerator, experiments
  • Setting up two international advisory committees, Machine Advisory Committee (USSR-MAC) and Scientific Advisory Committee (USSR-SAC)
  • Conceptual and technical solutions essential for the CDR and TDR will be developed
  • R&D for specific technologies as RF-photogun test facility prototype, components and technologies for the electron injection LINAC, beam diagnostics componentsR&D for X-ray optics and special detector systems

Description of work
Task 4.1: Lattice and systems for the main ring (NRC KI, ESRF)
Task 4.2: Diagnostics and control for the main ring (NRC KI, ESRF)  
Task 4.3: Vacuum chamber impedances, beam-chamber interactions, instabilities (NRC KI , DESY, INFN)
Task 4.4: Top-up Linac development including RF-guns and diagnostics system (NRC KI, European XFEL, INFN)
Task 4.5. Photogun prototype, its beam diagnostics and RF systems (NRC KI, DESY)
Task 4.6: Scientific case, beamlines and experimental stations: definition of perspective techniques for a 4th generation source (NRC KI, ESRF, DESY)
Task 4.7: Support strategic coordination of USSR (NRC KI, ESRF, DESY, European XFEL, INFN)