Work Programme


Please note the CREMLINplus statements (homepage and here) on the Russian war against Ukraine.

Relations between WPs

CREMLINplus is organised in ten workpackages (WP), corresponding to level one (European-Russian collaboration around the five Russian megascience projects) and level two (European-Russian collaboration around the Russian LIST-11 facilities).
WP1 MGT oversees the whole coordination and management of the project, and the dissemination of the project results. WP2 NICA, WP3 PIK, WP4 USSR, WP5 SCT, WP6 XCELS, WP7 DETEC refer to level one, whereas WP7 supports joint detector development for neutron sources and particle colliders for nuclear physics experiments.
WP8 TNA, WP9 TRAIN and WP10 LTS refer to level two. They all contribute to improving the framework conditions for the European-Russian science and technology collaboration in the domain of Research Infrastructures. These three WPs focus on access conditions, staff exchange, and policy-socio-economic aspects, thereby contributing to exploring and exploiting the synergy potentials between all WPs.