WP8 TNA: Access to Russian RI

WP8 TNA: Access to Russian RI

WP Manager(s):
Greta Facile (DESY)

Former WP Leader:
Anastasia Zadorina (ICISTE)




This WP will contribute to overcoming the barriers that prevent European scientists from accessing Russian Research Infrastructures (RIs) by:

  • identifiying access mechanisms to Russian RIs of interest to European scientists
  • supporting Russian facilities in setting-up the appropriate access conditions
  • setting up a helpdesk and covering the travel and subsistence costs of European researchers accessing Russian RIs

A particular focus will be on the recommendation list of 11 priority RIs provided by the Russian Federation (LIST-11).

Description of work
Task 8.1: Analysis and assessment of access potential of a defined set of Russian facilities (ICISTE, DESY)
Task 8.2: Knowledge transfer from EU to Russia on access policy and governance for RI (DESY, ICISTE)
Task 8.3: Develop transnational access models for Russian RI (NUST MISIS, ICISTE, DESY, NRC KI)  
Task 8.4: Case studies: Transnational access (TNA) to Russian RIs (ICISTE, DESY, NUST MISIS)
Task 8.5: Helpdesk and promotion of TNA to Russian RIs (NUST MISIS, ICISTE, DESY)
Task 8.6: Access to scientific data at Russian RI (NRC KI, DESY)


HELPDESK for TNA to Russian RIs

The CREMLINplus HELPDESK provides support to both European researchers and providers of Russian Research Infrastructures (RIs).