WP8 TNA: Access to Russian RI

WP8 TNA: Access to Russian RI

Contact person: Anastasia Zadorina

WP Co-lead: DESY
Contact person: Greta Facile

Further Participants: NRC KI, NUST MISIS



This WP will contribute to overcoming the barriers that prevent European scientists from accessing Russian Research Infrastructures (RIs) by:

  • identifiying access mechanisms to Russian RIs of interest to European scientists
  • supporting Russian facilities in setting-up the appropriate access conditions
  • setting up a helpdesk and covering the travel and subsistence costs of European researchers accessing Russian RIs

A particular focus will be on the recommendation list of 11 priority RIs provided by the Russian Federation (LIST-11).

Description of work
Task 8.1: Analysis and assessment of access potential of a defined set of Russian facilities (ICISTE, DESY)
Task 8.2: Knowledge transfer from EU to Russia on access policy and governance for RI (DESY, ICISTE)
Task 8.3: Develop transnational access models for Russian RI (NUST MISIS, ICISTE, DESY, NRC KI)  
Task 8.4: Case studies: Transnational access (TNA) to Russian RIs (ICISTE, DESY, NUST MISIS)
Task 8.5: Helpdesk and promotion of TNA to Russian RIs (NUST MISIS, ICISTE, DESY)
Task 8.6: Access to scientific data at Russian RI (NRC KI, DESY)