WP6 XCELS: Joint technology development around XCELS

WP6 XCELS: Joint technology development around XCELS

WP Manager(s):
Catalin Miron (CEA-LIDYL)

Former WP Leader:
Efim Khazanov (IAP RAS)



Reaching the non-linear QED regime is one of the major motivations of XCELS, using an approach based on the combination of 12 multi-PW laser beams. Such a huge laser will provide peak intensities that will be around 1026W/cm2, 3 orders of magnitude below the Schwinger limit, but still 2 orders of magnitude above the intensity of any other laser project under construction. Finding realistic approaches to reaching XCELS’ intensity and further is essential for such a project.
WP6 aims at developing the necessary technologies to provide the key technological foundations for the XCELS project:
For nonlinear optical devices:

  • Conceptual design of a relativistic plasma mirror well-suited for XCELS
  • Design and development of a prototype of nonlinear compressor of ultraintense laser pulses.

For ultrashort beams:

  • Develop technologies for ultrashort laser pulse contrast enhancement based on non-linear optical devices
  • Design a single-shot spatio-temporal diagnostic device for ultrashort / ultraintense laser pulses well- suited for XCELS
  • Training and scientific exchange on beam delivery, laser pulse contrast issues, metrology and best practices.

Description of work
Task 6.1: Pulse compression and contrast enhancement in nonlinear optical devices (IAP, CEA- LIDYL)
Task 6.2: Advanced metrology of ultrashort laser beams (CEA-LIDYL, IAP)
Task 6.3: Training and scientific exchange (LLE AISBL, ELI-DC AISBL, IAP)