WP10 LTS: Joint long-term sustainability of RIs

WP10 LTS: Joint long-term sustainability of RIs

Contact person: Vladimir Kravchuk

WP Co-lead: DESY
Contact persons: Martin Sandhop, Kaja Scheliga



  • to promote synergies between the Russian RIs
  • to enhance user capacity of Russian RIs
  • to promote sustainable networking across European and Russian scientific communities
  • to promote participation of Russian scientists in European projects
  • to stimulate dialogue between scientists and policymakers as a means of support for science diplomacy
  • to raise awareness of the innovation potential of the RIs as key drivers for the development of a competitive knowledge-based economy
  • to contribute to the European-Russian cooperation on RIs with European strategic initiatives
  • to raise awareness and knowledge on socio-economic impact of RIs


Description of work
Task 10.1: Promote synergy (NRC KI, DESY)
Task 10.2: Link Russian megascience projects to EU strategic initiatives (NRC KI, DESY)
Task 10.3: Workshop on innovation and technology transfer (NRC KI, DESY)
Task 10.4: RIs in science diplomacy (NRC KI, DESY)
Task 10.5: Workshop on socio-economic impact of RIs (NRC KI, DESY)