WP9 TRAIN: Staff exchange and training for RI management

WP9 TRAIN: Staff exchange and training for RI management

WP Manager(s):
Enrico Guarini (UNIMIB)

Former WP Co-Leader:
Andrey Polyakov (NUST MISIS)


This WP covers staff exchanges and training beyond the specific trainings of specialised technical or scientific staff developed in WPs 2 to 7. It comprises the general managerial aspects of RIs.
In particular:

  • develop and manage a fellowship/bursary and staff exchange programme
  • provide access to thematic conferences, courses and workshops, summer schools
  • foster exchanges of best practices on management practices, transnational access including user services
  • train staff of Russian RIs on operating RIs with international user community
  • foster sustainable collaborations between RI Staff (Scientists, Managers and Administrators) coming from both the Russian Federation and the European Union
  • enhance intercultural communication skills

Description of work
Task 9.1. CREMLINplus fellowship programme (NUST MISIS, UNIMIB, DESY)
Task 9.2: Organisation and delivery of staff/knowledge exchanges (UNIMIB, NUST MISIS, DESY)
Task 9.3: Russian fellowship programme to EMMRI (Executive MBA for Management  of Research Infrastructures) programme (UNIMIB, NUST MISIS)
Task 9.4: Pilot mentoring/coaching programme for leaders of Russian RIs (UNIMIB, NUST MISIS)
Task 9.5: Development of a Russian RI Management Training Academy (NUST MISIS, UNIMIB-ADSI)