WP2 NICA: Collaboration with NICA

WP2 NICA: Collaboration with NICA

WP Manager(s):
Jürgen Eschke (FAIR)

Former WP Co-Leader:
Yuri Murin (JINR)

Participants: FAIR, JINR, INR RAS, MEPhI, EKUT, NPI CAS, Wigner RCP, WUT

The main objective of this work package is to develop the instrumentation for NICA and FAIR/CBM:

  • To perform the prototyping, construction and installation of detectors
  • To develop the data acquisition chain, computing procedures, software packages for simulation and data analysis

Description of work
Task 2.1: Integration, installation, and test of Silicon trackers for NICA and CBM (FAIR, JINR, EKUT)
Task 2.2: Developments for the data acquisition chain, for data preprocessing and computing (WUT, FAIR, JINR)
Task 2.3: Development of common software packages for simulation and data analysis, participation in physics performance studies (MEPhI, FAIR, JINR, Wigner RCP,)  
Task 2.4: Development and construction of beam monitors, target chamber and beam pipe for NICA and CBM (FAIR, JINR)  
Task 2.5: Development and construction of Zero Degree Calorimeters for NICA and CBM (INR RAS, NPI CAS)