CREMLINplus WP6 Workshop "The status of the XCELS project"

The CREMLINplus WP6 Workshop "The Status of the XCELS Project” was conducted on 10.06.2021 as a videoconference. It was organised by CREMLINplus beneficiary IAP.


27 researchers, including WP6 project participants from IAP, CEA-LIDYL, ELI-ERIC, Laserlab-Europe AISBL, CNRS-AMU, and representatives of other European research centers took part in the workshop*.

The workshop aimed at considering the state-of-the-art of the XCELS project and at promoting scientific exchange of the results obtained by the WP6 participants, the ultimate goal of the project being joint technology development around XCELS.

* Note: This workshop planned to be organized in Russia by the IAP in the first year of the project (MS34) had to be delayed due to the travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID situation has not been resolved yet, the meeting was held online.

Scientific programme:

The scientific programme included 2 sessions.

Session 1 
Chair: Efim Khazanov

  • Perspectives of dipole focusing in experiments on extreme light facilities
  • Spatio-temporal laser beam characterization
    Olivier GOBERT (CEA-LIDYL)
  • Update on ELI current status
    Jean Claude KIEFFER (ELI-ERIC)

Session 2 
Chair: Catalin Miron

  • “How to achieve extreme light intensities with relativistic plasma mirrors?”
  • Structured targets for efficient laser electron acceleration and gamma-ray generation
  • Frontend concept of sub-exawatt EXCELS laser project
    Ivan MUHIN (IAP RAS)

The Workshop ended with a general discussion.
Minutes and presentations can be found by following the links below.

Presentations from the Workshop WP6 Workshop "The Status of the XCELS Project”
Minutes of the Workshop WP6 Workshop "The Status of the XCELS Project”