About CREMLINplus


CREMLINplus (Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale Research Infrastructures – plus) is a Horizon 2020 project. It is about European-Russian scientific and technical collaboration in the field of research infrastructures. CREMLINplus is based on the achievements and results of the Horizon 2020 project CREMLIN and takes up and addresses all the recommendations that have been worked out in close European-Russian cooperation within the CREMLIN collaboration.

CREMLINplus is a voluminous project with a budget of 25 million euros and a consortium comprising 35 partners, 10 from Russia and 25 from the EU and associated countries. It is a grand endeavour, setting out to fully implement jointly elaborated European-Russian collaboration roadmaps and to ensure that the framework conditions will be improved and continually harmonized.

CREMLINplus is dedicated to enhancing the European-Russian collaboration along five Russian megascience infrastructures and projects. Its aim is to enable dedicated European-Russian teams to scientifically and technically collaborate on instrumentation and technology development around the Russian megascience projects.

CREMLINplus is further concerned with access to research infrastructures. It aims to identify, develop and implement framework conditions, such as appropriate access conditions for a much closer and more intense cooperation of Russian and European scientists at European and Russian research infrastructures (RI), with a focus on the Russian “LIST-11” facilities.

CREMLINplus pursues the following approaches to fulfill its ambitious aims: 

  • Fostering European-Russian scientific and technical collaboration.
  • Developing access schemes to Russian research infrastructures that allow not only national, but also European and international utilisation.
  • Developing and implementing a base for broad and multilevel exchange of knowledge and expertise for Russian and European managers, scientists and users of Russian and also European research infrastructures.

The ultimate, highly ambitious aim of CREMLINplus is to achieve a significantly higher level of cooperation between European and Russian partners in the area of research infrastructures.